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In JLA we have the capability to conceptually visualize our clients needs in their buildings. From understanding raw facts to sharing with them the complete design charrettes, architectural design in JLA is taken and transformed into a tangible, functional, expressive and artistic representations.


JLA comprehensive architectural services include conceptual and schematic design, design development and construction documentation, assisting with contractor bidding and/or negotiating and construction contract administration.

JLA Concept Design includes; Design description, conceptual approach, architectural themes, background, references and design methodology. Design criteria and relevant standards. Compliance report against the client brief target to actual achieved. Report on GFA and detailed area analysis. Sustainability narratives. Outline indication of external internal finishes and materials. Codes and regulation compliance report. Provide a cost estimate for the proposed design including the costs associated with the proposed building design. Mounted presentation material as appropriate to clarify the conceptual design.

JLA Developed Design includes; Report on GFA and internal net areas schedules. Building space analysis including parking, waste management, site setbacks and service space. Room data sheets including outline specifications and daylight analysis. Sustainability requirements narratives. Schedule of external / internal finishes and selected materials. Mounted presentation material as appropriate to clarify the developed design.

JLA Technical Design include; Layout showing external works and site development. Fully coordinated and dimensioned floor plans showing; space allocation, furniture layout structure systems, vertical transportation, core elements, shafts, service spaces and MEP spaces. Fully coordinated and dimensioned reflected ceiling plans indicating lighting layout, ceiling treatments, HVAC locations, soffits, coves etc. Fully coordinated and dimensioned roof plans showing drainage layout and equipment locations. Fire zoning plans, indicating all fire zones and fire walls, stairs and exits. Flooring layouts for all floors indicating materials and patterns. Partial flooring detail for complex or specialised areas. Fully coordinated and dimensioned longitudinal and transversal building sections showing general notation clarifying space and element functions, extent of materials and equipment. Fully coordinated and dimensioned building elevations sowing exterior and internal finishes, openings and floor levels. Wall sections showing; foundations, water proofing system, floor system, ceiling system, structural elements, windows, exterior finishes, insulation and parapet. Core and stairs details and sections. Toilets, bathrooms and kitchen details including equipment. Miscellaneous details indicating; built in furniture details, fitting and accessories, lighting, cabinetry, glazed screens etc. Detailed schedules for; finishes, doors, windows, partitions, access panels, casement, metal work, wood work, sanitary ware. Detailed lighting systems according to value engineering exercise of alternative materials and design solutions, including lighting calculations and lighting control schedules. Final construction cost estimate.

JLA Tender Support and IFC Documents include; Coordinated and fully dimensioned detailed design documentation, including; Site plan. Gross and net internal areas schedule of buildings. Overall plan layouts, sections and detailed cross sections and detailed interior and exterior elevations, at appropriate scale to indicate all cores and shafts, wall thickness in agreement with wall construction, fixed equipment, fire zoning, all documents fully dimensioned and notated. Large scale details of all typical conditions and elements in addition to specialised conditions. Wall sections and typical details including signage, faade, sun shading, awning and canopy details. Architecture finishes components and assemblies. Specifications and final finishing schedule. Doors and windows schedules and related details. Exterior materials and finishes schedules and sample boards. Ironmongery schedules and details. Metalwork schedule and details. Woodwork and joinery schedule and details. Roof details and finishes. Comprehensive details of tanking and membrane. Coordinated reflected ceiling plans including the lighting, air distribution, fire sprinklers, alarm systems and special details etc. External cladding details. Exterior envelope/curtain walls/skylights sections and details. Stair plans, elevations, sections and balustrade details. Floor finishing details including proposed patterns. Cavity walls details. Toilet finishes and sanitary fitting distribution. General millwork and cabinetry layout and details. All buildings, spaces, wall openings fully codified. Comprehensive particular specifications for standards, materials and workmanships.