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Sectors | Master Planning

In JLA we infuse international reach with a remarkable local touch. Our obligation to our local communities allows us to efficiently steer local regulatory approval processes from platting subdivisions to zoning and permitting. JLA master planning services covers from conceptual master planning up-till detailed Master Planning

Concept Master Planning confirms key project components including: Land use, densities, building mass, and site layout. These include; Site Details. Proposed Development Concepts. Land Use and Development Summary. Development Phasing. Development Management

Environmental Compliance: Ensures that projects comply with necessary environmental assessment requirements. Public Realm Concept. Community Facilities Analysis. Transportation Summary. Utilities Summary. Safety and Security Summary

Detailed Master Planning involves translating approved concept Master Plans for all or part of a concept master plan area into detailed design regulations and guidelines. These include; Site Details. Development Design. Land Use and Development Summary. Development Integration: Indicate how the proposed development fits within the larger concept master plan(s). Development Phasing. Development Management. Master Plan Level Design Regulations & Guidelines. Plot Summary, Context and building controls. Environmental Compliance. Planning for Sustainability.

Public Realm Design. Community Facilities Analysis: Indicates in detail how community facilities will be affected and provided throughout the development. Transportation Summary: Describes in greater detail how the transportation aspects of the development will be developed including all roads, pedestrian and cycle paths and water based access and transit. Utilities Summary: Demonstrates in greater detail the developments demand for utilities including anticipated distribution networks. Safety and Security Summary: Ensure that all projects are planned and designed in an appropriate manner.