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Plan description

Villa Louisiana has something about Victorian architecture style with the hip roof and large balconies. Its is of course revisited to fit the modern style living with an open plan. An internal courtyard is provided to enhance the connection to outside and provide more freshness. The kitchen is participating to the external activities y opening to the garden.  The room sizes are very generous and the material finishes are high standard.

207 m2

Area: Ground floor

220 m2

First floor

427 m2

Total area

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Architecture Package:

  • 3D Perspectives
  • Setting out plan
  • All foor plans annotated and detailed
  • All elevations annotated and detailed
  • All sections annotated and detailed
  • Wall Sections
  • Typical Details
  • Door Schedules
  • Window Schedules

Interior Design Package:

  • Furniture Layout
  • False Ceiling Plans
  • Floor Finish Plans
  • Wall Finish Plans
  • Wardrobe schedules
  • Bathrooms Details
  • Kitchen Details
  • Staircase Details

Mechanical Package:

  • HVAC plans
  • Water Supply Plans and Riser Diagram
  • Ventilation Plans
  • Fire Fighting Plans
  • Gas Plans
  • Drainage Plans

Electrical Package:

  • Lighting Plans
  • Power Plans
  • Telecom Plans
  • Smart Home Plans
  • Fire Alarm Plans
  • Schematic Diagrams

Structural Package:

  • Foundations Plans
  • Columns and Axis PLans
  • Slab on Grade Plan & Section
  • All Plans and Sections Details
  • All Reinforcement Plans and Sections Details
  • General Details
  • Columns, beams and walls schedules

Ground floor

Ground floor

First floor

First floor