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Plan description

Villa Oceana is a luxury contemporary villa with 5 bedrooms and 1 master bedroom. The room sizes are very generous as well as the balconies and the material finishes are high standards. The villa style can fit anywhere and is ideal for a modern couple with kids.

351 m2

Area: Ground floor

320 m2

First floor

701 m2

Total area

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Thumbnail Additionals Variations Price
Villa Oceana - cad-drawings - single-use-pdf-architecture-package CAD DrawingsSINGLE USE: PDF - ARCHITECTURE PACKAGE 2,150$
Villa Oceana - cad-drawings - single-use-pdf-interior-design-package CAD DrawingsSINGLE USE: PDF - INTERIOR DESIGN PACKAGE 1,650$
Villa Oceana - cad-drawings - single-use-pdf-structure-package CAD DrawingsSINGLE USE: PDF - STRUCTURE PACKAGE 1,650$
Villa Oceana - cad-drawings - single-use-pdf-electrical-package CAD DrawingsSINGLE USE: PDF - ELECTRICAL PACKAGE 1,650$
Villa Oceana - cad-drawings - single-use-pdf-mechanical-package CAD DrawingsSINGLE USE: PDF - MECHANICAL PACKAGE 1,650$

Architecture Package:

  • 3D Perspectives
  • Setting out plan
  • All foor plans annotated and detailed
  • All elevations annotated and detailed
  • All sections annotated and detailed
  • Wall Sections
  • Typical Details
  • Door Schedules
  • Window Schedules

Interior Design Package:

  • Furniture Layout
  • False Ceiling Plans
  • Floor Finish Plans
  • Wall Finish Plans
  • Wardrobe schedules
  • Bathrooms Details
  • Kitchen Details
  • Staircase Details

Mechanical Package:

  • HVAC plans
  • Water Supply Plans and Riser Diagram
  • Ventilation Plans
  • Fire Fighting Plans
  • Gas Plans
  • Drainage Plans

Electrical Package:

  • Lighting Plans
  • Power Plans
  • Telecom Plans
  • Smart Home Plans
  • Fire Alarm Plans
  • Schematic Diagrams

Structural Package:

  • Foundations Plans
  • Columns and Axis PLans
  • Slab on Grade Plan & Section
  • All Plans and Sections Details
  • All Reinforcement Plans and Sections Details
  • General Details
  • Columns, beams and walls schedules

Ground floor

JDLA_Villa Oceana_Ground Floor

First floor

JDLA_Villa Oceana_First Floor